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The Magician: "Agent of Transformation"

It has been a very chaotic month in an already chaotic year, and according to the cards, July is going to continue in this direction. From chaos, may come more clarity though because as we all can see we are in a time of great transformation. Today we have more technology than ever before and we have more tools at our disposal to effect change in our immediate environment. Socially however, we are much the same as we ever have been, struggling with the ongoing ills of greed, loneliness, and violence. We have the ability to more easily meet our basic needs as humans than ever before but more people are poor, hungry and homeless than not. We have medical advancements that can ease suffering and prolong life but we struggle with food equality as we poison our planet with waste that could feed millions. We have all the elements of nature and our minds at our disposal, but feel overwhelmed and confused about how to use this power. This is what the energy of the Magician is all about. As number one in the Tarot, the Magician is about coming to realize one's own power and agency to change. The Magician is the originator, making an idea into a reality. Anything that creates or has been created or invented has the energy of the Magician. This week we can use the Magician's energy to recognize that we have the power within us to create and change our realities. Innovative thinking is needed now more than ever. How can we use the resources available to us as individuals to have a positive effect on ourselves and our surroundings? Even small shifts in energy or resources can make substantial changes. Remember that the Magician's powers are those of the mind first and foremost. It's also important to remind ourselves that innovation and improvement are not always easily won and change doesn't always look like what we expected. This doesn't make our goals any less relevant or achievable. We are all agents of transformation. We all have elements of creation and destruction present within us. How we choose to use this power is up to us.


The Mysteries-David Bowie

Caravan-Duke Ellington and Arthur Fiedler

Dark Water-Galactic Ft. John Boutte

Natural Mystic-Bob Marley

Soul Craft-Bad Brains

Dawn of the Locusts-Jello Biafra and the Melvins

Rain Song-Led Zeppelin

Gypsy-Fleetwood Mac

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