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"Let's Build A Stairway To The Stars" -Ella Fitzgerald

Welcome to my first blog post. Every Sunday I pick a card from the Major Arcana of the Tarot and create a playlist with whatever intuitively pops up for me through the music selection on my iPod and I talk and play music about what themes I see unfolding during the week. For this week of June 11, 2018, I chose the Star card. Here are excerpts of the transcript and the playlist from last night's show broadcast from 102.3 WHIV LP in New Orleans,

Welcome to this week's edition of the Major Arcana Music Show. Thanks so much for joining me. The Major Arcana represents collective energies and collective concepts of human experience. Last week, I picked the Hierophant which is about sacred institutions, ideals and leadership. For this week I picked the Star which is about hope, goals and recognition for achievements. It can also be about celebrity and notoriety. We've had a lot of notable collective tragedy and loss concerning suicide this past week with the tragic passing of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain and many others every day who are not famous including an extremely high percentage of people in the military. My own Grandfather was a WW2 veteran who committed suicide when he got home and I never got to know him. I've had many loved ones who've tried and died this way and I've also had my own lifelong struggle with depression, anxiety and trying to make sense of this world and the things I see. Life is a struggle or as the Buddha said "Life is suffering," I have been saved by many subtle kindnesses from the people around me. When we meet friendly helpers in our lives who give who give us the boost we need and allow us to be imperfect and grow, things can get better and we can all be stronger. Let's be and do this for ourselves and each other when we can and let's inform ourselves and advocate for better healthcare. This is what can increase the amount of hope in the world which is what the Star is all about . The Star is number 17 in the Major Arcana and it is ruled by the Zodiac sign Aquarius, which is an air sign but is also known as the Water Bearer. The Star gives us a sense of wonder and optimism. It can bring to mind thoughts of space and destiny and it can shine a light on our talents and accomplishments as humans. The Star is a hopeful sign for this week so don't be afraid to experience joy when you can. It's also a good week to be proud of your accomplishments and the good things humans are capable of as well as, and most importantly, the power we have individually and collectively to transform our mindset and environment for better and worse. We are all stars, the power is within us.


Minnie the Moocher's Wedding Day-Cab Calloway

Andy Warhol-David Bowie

Straight A's-Jello Biafra

Fade into You-Mazzy Star

Stairway to the Stars-Ella Fitzgerald

Lookin for a Mountain

Idiot Box-Incubus

Funky Space Reincarnation-Marvin Gaye

Sun King-The Beatles

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