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The Magician: Stepping into Our Power

For Sunday's show, I drew the Magician as card of this week. The Magician is number one in the deck and ruled astrologically by Mercury. Mercury is symbolically the planet of quickness, communication and the use of words and cleverness to transform perception. The first three cards in the Major Arcana, the Fool, the Magician and the High Priestess are helpful in teaching us about the power we all have within us to create something from within, whether that’s a meal, a work of art, a novel or whatever. The Fool carries his or her bindlestick packed with basic necessities, and travels into the unknown.

In the next card, the Magician unpacks these "supplies" and is challenged to use what was packed when he or she set out. This could be for the purpose of creating or sustaining themselves. The Magician, signifies opportunities for change and transformation through the use of words, ideas and skillsets which are ruled by the planet Mercury. In number one of the Major Arcana, the Magician steps out of the wildcard energy of the Fool and steps into his or her inherent power. The successes or failures that the magician experiences through their creative work are what lead to the inner wisdom of the next card, the High Priestess who guides by her inner wisdom, inside information and perception.

When I pulled the cards Sunday morning, I was happy to feel the heavy weight of last week’s energy lift off of me. I refer to the Magician as the agent of change. The Magician gives us the energy to manifest our thought’s, dreams and ideas into the material world. Mercury helps us articulate ourselves and our intentions. This is a great week to use one’s skills to materialize our brightest intentions and ideas. Last week, was the oppressive energy of the Devil, which we are seeing play out in the discussion of rape and sexual assault brought on by women who report being victimized by SCOTUS nominee, Brett Kavenaugh, but after this week, I see a wave of transformative energy collectively, which matches nicely with the fall feeling of harvesting and reaping what we’ve sown.

This is a great time think about how we want things to be around us and use the tools around us to make them that way. This week is giving us ample opportunity to individually and collectively step into the power that is rightfully ours. We are all born with gifts and strengths even if we don’t feel especially gifted or haven’t found those gifts yet. With our arms, legs and brains, we are like an antennae to the universe. It’s a wonderful week to explore creative interests, experiment with new things, but most of all its great for allowing ourselves to step into, own and use our power to our greatest good. Let yourself accept the power that is inherent within you this week and may the cards be with you.


Karma Police

Pretty Good-John Prine

Cowboys and Indians-Wild Magnolias

Hedwig’s Lament


City of New Orleans- WIlly Nelson

The Rain Don’t Fall on Me

Dissolved Girl-Massive Attack

Trapeze- Mystik Krewe of Clearlight

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