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The Hermit: Going Inward with Lilith Dorsey and Siona

Updated: Aug 1, 2018

Welcome to this week's Major Arcana Music Blog. Last night, I had the pleasure of seeing my good friend, Priestess Lilith Dorsey and her lovely Goddaughter Siona. Lilith is a Voodoo Priestess and she's danced and choreographed for Dr. John's Night Tripper Voodoo Show. She also writes a blog called Voodoo Universe, as well as some great books including "Love Magic" and "The African-American Ritual Cookbook." Siona, is an initiated practitioner of Voodoo as well. She lives in Queens and is a Tarot reader with 20 years experience. Both were visiting New Orleans to attend St. John's Eve, on June 23, which is the most important "Feast" day of Voodoo and the eve of the important Catholic Feast Day of Saint John the Baptist who was said to be born six months before Jesus. This high holy day also marks the summer solstice. It holds special significance in New Orleans, due to the legendary rituals practiced by Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau along Bayou St. John. Too be honest, even though I was raised catholic, I really never knew too much about this holiday until I talked to Lilith. This week we all talked at WHIV about the significance of the Hermit card, and what its energy could mean for us collectively and individually in the week to come. All of us agreed that there was a need to draw inward, reflect and process. Siona pointed out that Solstice is a powerful time to do this. In light of everything we are going through as a country and a planet, as I said last night, the card seems to suggest that this week is all about soul searching. There are certainly many reasons to search our souls right now. It's a good week to broaden our perspectives with empathy and inform ourselves about the world around us through observation and intuition. It's also a good time to meditate on the question of why we fear so much and why humans refuse to learn from certain past mistakes. We're facing some ugly things in our country, the continuing history of genocide is a good example of this. This week we should consider how we got to the point of poisoning the earth, the dead and neglected hurricane victims in Puerto Rico, children being emotionally tortured and put into cages by the government for asking for help and kids being shot in the street by police because they're the wrong color. The Hermit tells us now is a good time to pause and think about how we can transcend our difficulties.


Savage Rhythm-Cab Calloway

Before-Dzihan and Kamien

Insight-Joy Division

One Thing-Hellyeah

Temple-The Fugees

Tippi-toes-The Meters

You Shook Me-Muddy Waters

Every Beat of My Heart-Pips

Gang Fight-S.O.A.

Cosmic Danger-Agents of Oblivion

Wagon Wheel-Old Crow Medicine Show

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